Custom Synthesis

WIS is able to provide custom synthesis services with high quality and reasonable costs. We can provide most of reactions in the fields of pharmaceutical intermediates, new materials, impurities, small molecule compounds with specific structure and others. We have access to variety of testing instruments, such as NMR, LCMS, GCMS, HPLC to support the quality confirmation.

A specific contract for Custom Synthesis is required to sign between client and WIS to make sure the product’s quality. Conforming to local and national law, we have to make sure the customized products not being directly used in human body, weapons or in other improper commercial way. The customized products provided are only for scientific research use and proper commercial use.

We are always ready to provide products with all kinds of packing and scales (from mg/ml to ton, from small quantity produced in lab like kilos, and then zoom in to a few kilograms, until the last commercial continuous production level at tons). Please contact if you have any custom synthesis needing, our technician will respond in the first time.