Trust Us

WIS group always believes in that the quality is the commitment and base of the Company, keeping high and consistent quality is the key to our survival. In the procurement of raw materials, we keep sample for each batch for our future reference, and more importantly, to monitor the quality of raw materials from time to time. We also establish bad supplier file in case any quality fails our assessment, to screen out bad suppliers accordingly afterwards. We believe, by putting such rigid quality control process in place, we can avoid unqualified final product as a result of bad raw material. In the process of production, QA department is required to conduct constant parameters adjustment and correction, equipped with sophisticated testing equipment, strict control in the process of intermediates production, all of which has largely ensured the final quality of the finished product. As a third quality control step, our QC department is required to make inspection for each single batch of our final products before it goes out of factory and send to logistic. The sample of finished products will of course be kept for each batch.

We hold the spirit of mutual trust when it comes to the after sales service stage. Whenever there is a conflict opinion about the quality of products, we first will communicate with customer to reconfirm the testing standards of what we agreed prior, and then retest the retained sample we have on hand. Testing results will be sent to customer for their references. In the circumstances that there is still no agreement reached, third party testing can also be introduced. After all these communications and steps, either returning / refunding or re-sending the new products to customers if we failed to meet our quality commitment. This entire after sales services will be monitored and supervised by our designated customer service team, which provides another layer of guarantee to ensure all processes are followed.

In the logistic stage of our supply chain, our company also follows our own unique management and control process. Once the compliance with international law and local regulation is ensured, and the spirit of truthful declaration is followed, the best fit transportation method will be applied to each shipment. Avoiding any unnecessary costs to our clients and unfaithful Customs records is our goal for the logistic process.

Product innovation and high-end specialty chemical sector has been the two main focus of the Group development. In recent years an unremitting effort has been put by Group in collaborating with a number of well-known universities and research institutions in the area of personalized custom products. Next step, a further study on quantitative production will be explored further to meet the needs of customers. But we do not stop there, and our ultimate goal is to grow together with our clients with reaching strategic partnership on more innovative projects and secure the win-win working relationship. We believe it will not be too far away for us to become one of the best enterprises in the field of custom high-end specialty chemicals by keep pursuing innovation and satisfying our clients’ needs.