Company Structure

WIN-WIN has been the core business philosophy for years.

WIS Group Corp
WIS Group was founded in 2013,integrated from Shanghai win - win biochemical Co,. Ltd and Cueleo Inc. The mission of the group is to give priority to Quality controlling, continuous innovation, to focus on high-end specialty chemicals, to further meet customer needs in the area of personalized custom chemicals, and to make a breakthrough in the field of new material science.
Shanghai win - win biochemical Co, Ltd was founded in 2005 in Shanghai,China. Through unremitting efforts, it grows from a 4 person team to be 28 members company in 2013. It has made great achievement particularly in the area of pharmaceutical chemical, intermediates in the past years. And it now has many sets of excellent equipments and operating in a strict technical management system. The company has been trying to run a better and healthier supply chain network by keeping close cooperation with universities and research institutions, investing capital into 5 factories so far in different specialty. The company also owns its unique synthetic process and quality control system.
Cueleo Inc was founded in 2008 in North Calello, USA. Cueleo is a professional trading company solely for chemical products. Before fusion with Shanghai win-win biochemical, Cueleo has been successful because of its variety of sales distribution channel in USA. After Integration into the WIS Group, Cueleo further explores the sales network through more fruitful product categories, more competitive pricing, and better quality control system. Simultaneously, by having Cueleo, it has helped the Group to stand out in the terminal part of the supply chain in the North American region.
  • China Company Founded in 2005
  • USA Company founded in 2008
  • Team of 20 members in 2009
  • 5 Senior Chemists
  • 9 years industry experiences
  • 4 Joint Experimental Labs till 2010
  • 2 pre-production workshops till 2012
  • WIS Group founded in 2013