Mallinckrodt Receives Patent
from US Patent and Trademark Office

Mallinckrodt has been granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office which contains composition claims directed to unique design, formulation, pharmacokinetic, and release characteristics of XARTEMIS XR. XARTEMIS XR (formerly known as MNK-795) is an investigational extended-release oral formulation of oxycodone and acetaminophen that has been studied with twice daily dosing for the management of acute pain in a post-surgical model. If approved, XARTEMIS XR will be the first oxycodone and acetaminophen combination medication specifically designed with immediate- and extended-release components. The patent, US Patent Number 8,658,631, was issued on 25 February 2014.

The release profile of XARTEMIS XR combines Mallinckrodt-proprietary technology and Depomed’s advanced Acuform drug delivery technology. Between the Mallinckrodt and Depomed patent families, Mallinckrodt believes XARTEMIS XR will have strong patent protection for its novel features.

Medicines Focus in 2014 China
NPC & CPPCC: the Path of Medical Reform

1. Reform of public hospital: vigorously advance the total and complete restructuring of about 3000 non-governmental public hospitals in 3 years (excluding 375 military hospitals) and attract and encourage the active involvement of the social capital.

2. The added-value tax of traditional Chinese medicines hindering the industry development: accelerate the structural adjustment of pharmaceuticals industry and it is imperative to adjust and reform the unequal and unreasonable situation of the added-value tax of enterprises of Chinese patent medicines.

3. The list of national essential drugs to be consulted with the village doctors: (1) There must be the participation of the representative of the grass-roots doctors during amending essential drug list every year. (2) The essential drug must be marked with essential drug mark and retail price on the package.

4. Recommending the birthday of Li Shizhen to be the traditional Chinese medicine culture day: recommended by a member of the CPPCC: set the birthday (July 13) of Li Shizhen, a medicine expert in Ming Dynasty, as the traditional Chinese medicine culture day of our country to further strengthen the cultural construction of traditional Chinese medicine.

5. To realize legislation for traditional Chinese medicine as soon as possible: the member of the CPPCC expressed that it was hoped to realize legislation for traditional Chinese medicine as soon as possible to protect the intellectual property of traditional Chinese medicine; more and better impacts shall be generated through external exchange and increased publicity for the entire traditional Chinese medicines to make people understand some features and advantages of traditional Chinese medicines and avoid misunderstandings.

6. Accelerating the drug examination and approval once again becoming a hot spot of NPC & CPPCC: The problem of single examination and evaluation channel shall be settled by the method of third-party independent evaluation and then the government purchasing the service. The drug administration department must invite experts to make assessment during technical evaluation and review stage, and finally the drug administration is responsible for the examination and approval.

Prominence of Importance of Vitamin E
in Tonic Cosmetics Market

As one substance featuring α-tocopherol biological activity, Vitamin E is natural, fat soluble with excellent antioxidant activity, which means that Vitamin E has wide range of uses, such as suppression of the activity of free radical and the development of wrinkle and protection of food, beverage and animal feed product.

The multiple functions of Vitamin E can be evidenced by the fact that its application in tonic cosmetics market is at double-digit growth rate, which in turn is significantly affecting other mature vitamin markets. The benefits of Vitamin E on human body include improving skin texture, enhancing moisture content of skin; preventing skin from harm caused by UV light; increasing the effect of sun-screening agent; suppressing the skin disease relevant to peroxyester ; avoiding sediment of melanin; strengthening anti-inflammatory substance; and improving the stability of lipid cosmetic.

The diversified functional characteristics of Vitamin E have paved the road for its wide application in cosmetics and skin care products,such as skin moisturizer, anti aging cream, sun cream and lipstick. The industry of Vitamin E has been promoted with more and more cosmetics and dietary supplements containing Vitamin E being marketed.